We’re a search and consulting firm and we work hard to be different from other firms you’ve encountered. We strive every day, in all that we do, to embody our core values of Impact; Excellence; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Integrity; Collaboration; and Balance.

Not only are we passionate about talent, but we also care deeply about social change. We have a passion for putting the right people in the right positions, and a track record of successful placements that reflects our hard work and high standards. We also offer our clients customized solutions to build, design and implement best-in-class talent practices.

We're Really Good At:
Exceeding Expectations

In a recent survey of On-Ramps clients, 100% of respondents said we met their expectations, and 8 out of 10 went on to say that we actually surpassed them. They praised our thorough process and thoughtful approach, which results in positions that not only stay filled, but also in employees who bring more to the table than what's listed in the job description. Read more about our process.

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Challenging Assumptions

We're not afraid to ask hard questions: What are your underlying assumptions and are they right? Who besides the obvious candidates could do this job? How could we help you change the way you look for or interview candidates? We investigate all angles to ensure we provide you with the best possible solution.

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Access to Robust, Diverse Networks

We work with a broad range of organizations and candidates nationwide. We view success as bringing you a highly qualified slate of candidates from a variety of sectors with a wide array of personal and educational backgrounds, career experiences, and content expertise. Because our expertise and networks bridge the gap between private and public, corporate and nonprofit, we know how to identify and assess those transferable skills.

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Proactive Candidate Sourcing

The On-Ramps network is vast and spans many industries. The most qualified candidates may not be active job seekers, but they're often active on social media, or are reachable through a network of colleagues and friends - we do what it takes to build interest in the organizations we work with.

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