We're proud of the placements we've made and the organizations we've supported.

Photo of Chyrise Harris
Chyrise Harris
VP, Communications
Gary Community Investment Company
Photo of Lucy Arellano Baglieri
Lucy Arellano Baglieri
Chief Strategy Officer
Low Income Investment Fund
Photo of Frances McLaughlin
Frances McLaughlin
Executive Director
Farm & Wilderness Foundation
Photo of Lorey Zlotnick
Lorey Zlotnick
Chief Marketing Officer
Team Rubicon
Photo of Amanda Renteria
Amanda Renteria
Chief Executive Officer
Code for America
Photo of Garima Bhatt Handley
Garima Bhatt Handley
Baltimore Executive Director, External Affairs
Higher Achievement
Photo of Erica Ahdoot
Erica Ahdoot
Executive Director
Horton's Kids
A Word From Our Clients
“The On-Ramps team was a killer partner in our search for two senior executives. They dove deep into TR's culture, drank the Kool-Aid, and went out looking for the right talent that reflected who we are at our core. From start to finish the process was methodical and meticulous, and we reached the finish line with two great hires. We'll work with On-Ramps on every senior hire moving forward.”
— Jake Wood, CEO, Team Rubicon
Photo of Tanya Ruley-Mayo
Tanya Ruley-Mayo
Chief Executive Officer
Independence Charter School
Photo of Halim Genus
Halim Genus
School Leader
KIPP Tech Valley Middle School
Photo of Dani Veira
Dani Veira
A Better Chicago
Photo of Jaime Uzeta
Jaime Uzeta
Chief Executive Officer
Public Allies
Photo of Matt Kudish
Matt Kudish
Executive Director
Photo of Paul Hwang
Paul Hwang
Investment Analyst / Controller
A Word From Our Clients
“I've been impressed with On-Ramps in a way that I can't remember feeling with other service providers. Just how on-it they were, how rigorous in both the process and the recruiting. They had a voracious appetite for making our lives easier, jumping in to do even little bits of work we would have been willing to shoulder ourselves! The caliber of their thinking, prep for interviews, and questions they suggested. And our winner has been a fabulous addition to our team. I was really really impressed overall.”
— Charles Best, Founder, DonorsChoose
Photo of Zeryn Sarpangal
Zeryn Sarpangal
Chief Financial Officer
Code for America
Photo of Shareeza Bhola
Shareeza Bhola
Director of Institutional Communications
The Public Theater
Photo of Geoff Hill
Geoff Hill
Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Dana Barrata
Dana Barrata
Chief Financial Officer
Team Rubicon
Photo of Ajuah Helton
Ajuah Helton
Senior Director, National KIPP Through College Program
KIPP Foundation
Photo of Rusatta Buford
Rusatta Buford
Photo of Nyisha Holliday
Nyisha Holliday
Chief Talent Officer
New York Cares
Photo of Aditi Deeg
Aditi Deeg
Chief Financial Officer
charity: water
Photo of Michelle Rhone-Collins
Michelle Rhone-Collins
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Monica Munn
Monica Munn
Director, WES Fund
World Education Services (WES)
A Word From Our Clients
“The committee was very impressed by the caliber and diversity of the CEO candidates we met. We were also grateful for the weekly update calls to understand the work and screening On-Ramps was doing. The search moved along steadily from start to finish, and we were delighted by the outcome.”
— Kanwar Singh, Board Chair, Public Allies
Photo of Jinan O'Connor
Jinan O'Connor
Vice President, Advocacy and Public Partnership
Photo of Nan Feyler
Nan Feyler
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Innocence Project
Photo of Sarah Marchal Murray
Sarah Marchal Murray
Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer
Photo of Elissa Ryan
Elissa Ryan
National Director of Strategic Development
GreenLight Fund