Alice Gibbs

Photo of Alice Gibbs
Alice is a Partner and has been with On-Ramps since 2012. With a background in K12 education, she’s helped lead On-Ramps’ education practice while also serving clients across broader issue areas including philanthropy, civic engagement, and advocacy (just to name a few). When she's not busy on searches, Alice oversees On-Ramps' staffing work and helps support the firm's diversity, equity and inclusion priorities.

Prior to joining On-Ramps, Alice worked on staff at Teach For America where she helped launch TFA’s initiative to recruit outside talent to staff and oversaw broader talent strategy work for regional teams. Alice started her career in education working for the Community Education Alliance of West Philadelphia where she served as the Executive Director of two charter schools.

Alice is a graduate of the University of Georgia and resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband, son, daughter, and adorable rescue pup, Winnie. Outside of work you can find Alice enjoying fresh air and nature with Winnie and the fam, finding her zen via yoga and The Class, and indulging in her guilty pleasures on Bravo TV (wine and cheese board optional, but strongly preferred).