Shalleza Jahoor

Photo of Shalleza Jahoor
Having recently joined On-Ramps, Shalleza looks forward to learning about the company, environment and all the great knowledge from everyone she will be supporting and/or working with directly or indirectly.

Before joining On-Ramps, Shalleza worked for American Express for 31+ years, starting as an intern from HS where she continued her career during college.  As a Regional Coordinator managed large merchants of $10M and above. Worked on some great accounts such as McDonalds, NYC Taxi, Aldi.

Shalleza holds a BS in Marketing from York College. In her spare time, which is rare, she loves spending time with her family. Shalleza has 2 sons (Brandon 19 and Nicholas 14). Shalleza loves to travel, every year she travels with her family which will consist of 30+ on the trip. Shalleza has recently started her workout journey and is close to her goal. Shalleza has lived in Queens Village most of her life but has recently moved out to Long Island and is trying to learn the ins and outs of her new area.