Tracy Stonestreet

Photo of Tracy Stonestreet
Tracy is an artist, scholar, and educator with over ten years teaching in higher education. She is currently an affiliate graduate faculty member in the Craft and Material Studies department at Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to this role, she was an assistant professor of Fine Art at Hampton University, and served as the guest editor for the International Review of African American Art. Tracy holds a PhD in Media, Art, and Text from Virginia Commonwealth University, an MFA in Studio Art from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and bachelors’ degrees in History and Art & Design from North Carolina State University. She has presented her research at the Southeastern College Art Conference, the Southern Humanities Conference, and the Feminist Art History Conference. Her work has been published in the International Review of African American Art, Art21, and in the textbook Humanities Across the Arts, published by Kendall Hunt.

Tracy lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her wife, Nicole, and two children, Gus and Meret.