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"Happy Holidays" written in orange letters over a background of snow. To the right is a record poking out of its jacket, which reads "Mixtape for a better world curated by On-Ramps"
A pitch-perfect way to end the year

This holiday season, we want to share with you—our clients, friends, and the whole On-Ramps community—some of the songs inspire us to keep working towards a more equitable and just world. 

Sharing music is an essential part of On-Ramps’ culture—we do it at the start of all of our team meetings—so we asked our team to share songs that have struck a chord with them. Learn about their song choices and listen to the full playlist on Spotify or YouTube.  

We hope that you’ll find these songs as meaningful and pitch perfect as we do! 


 The First Family of Soul album cover

O-o-h Child
The Five Stairsteps

This song was released over 50 years ago and even though there's a lot more hard work for us to do as a society, I love the way this song reminds me how much has been accomplished since it was released in 1970—and how much more is possible.
- Michelle Kedem, Founding Partner 


Me & U Ep cover

Me & U

This song really resonates with me because it’s about Tems merging her adult self and inner child, as well as her deeper connection to her spirituality guiding her.
- Shanna Masdea, Search Consultant 


Lift Me Up album cover

Lift Me Up

I love ​the idea that our loved ones are watching over us and the work we do even once they’ve passed.
- Nakia James-Jenkins, Partner 


Rise Up album art

Rise Up
Andra Day

This has been a tough year, and the words always seem pertinent. It’s really a comfort song.
-Talei Tarakinikini, Search Associate 


Live / Dead album cover

Turn On Your Love Light
The Grateful Dead

In a year filled with so much darkness and despair, the best thing we can hope for is for people to let their "love lights" shine on each other.
- Harry Weiner, Founding Partner 


Extensions of a Man album cover

Someday We'll All Be Free
Donny Hathaway

This song inspires me to accept that things will always be moving fast in the world but if we hold on tight as it spins we all will last and see that brighter days are already here.
- Scarlyn Cuevas, Search Coordinator 


HYPNOS album cover

Inside Out
Ravyn Lenae

This song reminds us that love starts from the inside and when we truly love ourselves, we can make a greater contribution to the world than could have imagined.
- Scarlyn Cuevas, Search Coordinator


Nightshift album cover

The Commodores

To me it is a beautiful and spiritual song about what I hope is true about the afterlife and it reminds me of my dear dad.
- Sarah Grayson, Founding Partner 


All That We Let In album cover

All That We Let In
Indigo Girls

The line that says “And the greatest gift of life is to know love,” has always resonated with me and makes me continually grateful for the love I’ve known.
- Cindy Menz-Erb, Principal 


Break My Soul single cover art


During challenging times, this song stands out to me as a positive affirmation.
- Michelle Hayes, Search Coordinator


A Taste of Honey album cover

Boogie Oogie Oogie
A Taste of Honey

To feel inspired, I often need to move around and get active and this song always gets me on my feet.
- Victoria Ramirez, Search Coordinator 


Send One Your Love album cover

Boney James

For me, an important part of staying motivated is allowing myself time to reflect and decompress. This song is the perfect inspiration for that.
- Victoria Ramirez, Search Coordinator 


Under the Table and Dreaming album cover

Ants Marching
Dave Matthews Band

While the song is about living a monotonous, low-risk life, it reminds me of the privilege I hold in comparison to others around the world who aren't able to live such comfortable, uneventful lives. It's also the first song I watched my son jam out to!
- Stephanie Francois, Administrative Coordinator  


Keep on the Sunny Side single art

Keep on the Sunny Side
Carter Family

My daughter and I sing this whenever we need a pick-me-up.
- Laurel LeFebvre, Search Specialist 


Lovely Day album cover

Lovely Day
Bill Withers

This song is a nice reminder to stay positive and how could you not be in a good mood while he holds that note?
- Imani Doyle, Search Consultant 


The Capitol Transcription 1946-1949 album cover

Aren't You Glad You're You
Peggy Lee

A crucial reminder to be grateful for the simple things. 
- Kayla Boettcher, Search Specialist 


Marc Anthony 3.0 album cover

Vivir Mi Vida
Marc Anthony

This song is based on Khaled’s “C’est la vie” and it’s a reminder to continue living your life, dancing, laughing, and crying, despite the painful things that may come your way.
- Andrew Sun-Acosta, Search Associate 


A Seat at the Table album cover

Cranes in the Sky

It speaks to feelings you may not have words for; it's affirming, powerful, and healing.
- Andrew Sun-Acosta, Search Associate 


Black Rainbows album cover

New York Transit Queen
Corinne Bailey Rae

When I hear this song, I feel connected to the city and my fellow travelers on the subway. That sense of community really motivates me.
- Brittany Wong, Search Coordinator


The Best of Bob Marley album cover

Get Up Stand Up
Bob Marley

This song is all about working towars a better, more equitable world.
- Jordan Brown, Search Consultant 

Listen to the playlist now on Youtube or Spotify.