Our Process

A great hiring process is cultivating, equitable, and reflective of your organization’s values. We’re with you every step of the way, while supporting you to do the parts of the process you’re best positioned for: attracting and assessing candidates.
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We believe—and we have seen—that working with On-Ramps can change the way an organization approaches talent recruitment. As we work with you to find exceptional talent, we impart best practices in role design, search process design, comprehensive assessment, and candidate cultivation. Our deep investment in knowing your organization and knowledge of the social sector, coupled with our recruitment and selection expertise, allows us to function as both your sounding board and advisor throughout the process. 

Our process comprises three phases

During Phases 1 and 2, On-Ramps drives the planning and outreach strategy. In Phase 3, we will advise your team in your final selection. We will partner with you from search launch to offer.

Graphic showing On-Ramps' process. There are three phases, with Phase 2 continuing throughout the duration of Phase 3.

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Phase 1:
Plan & Launch

During Phase 1, we develop a thorough understanding of your organization as well as the responsibilities, priorities, and qualifications for the role you’re seeking to fill.

What you can expect: 
  • A search team equipped with a diverse set of skills and professional experiences to serve as effective thought partners to you
  • An ongoing dialogue about diversity, equity, and inclusion to better understand how your organization prioritizes and lives out these values
  • Customized search materials that will enable you to attract a wide range of candidates and give you the tools necessary to drive an equitable, inclusive, and competency-based process
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Phase 2:
Search & Assess

In Phase 2, we market the role widely, cultivate and assess candidates, and present candidates on a rolling basis or as part of a slate.

What you can expect:
  • A diverse and qualified pipeline, built by leveraging our long-term relationships and extensive research
  • A compelling candidate slate that has been evaluated equitably, based on core competencies, using standardized interview guides to reduce implicit bias
  • Detailed reports summarizing candidate career trajectories and competency-based areas of strength and areas to probe
  • A live, real-time web portal showing each candidate, where they are in the process, and our team’s notes about them, as well as our search statistics to help keep you in the loop. 
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Phase 3:
Drive & Close

During Phase 3, your team assesses candidates as we manage the interview process, coordinate logistics, cultivate candidates, and conduct references.

What you can expect:
  • Best practices in candidate assessment that mitigate bias, ensure equity, and provide competency-based candidate assessment
  • Strong relationships with all the candidates, ensuring everyone has a consistent and cultivating experience and access to the same information
  • Thorough references alongside support managing the offer and compensation negotiation process

Additional consulting services

In addition to talent search and recruiting, On-Ramps is available to provide recruiting-related advisory services.

  • Organization & Role Design: A strong organizational framework enables you to operate effectively and achieve your goals. We partner with you to design specific roles, team structures, and full organizational charts. Drawing on our expertise and coupled with input from your team, we develop staffing plans that enable you to achieve your mission.
  • Recruitment Strategy & Tools: A rigorous, equitable, and efficient recruitment process equips you to hire great people and leave a great impression on all candidates. We take a user-centered approach to process design, considering the candidate and interviewer experience as we map out a clear recruitment process and craft job descriptions, core competencies, interview guides, rubrics, and thought exercises. Once finalized, we design and deliver trainings to set your team up for success as they put these new tools into practice.