We're proud of the placements we've made and the organizations we've supported.

Photo of Orchid Baron
Orchid Baron
The Metropolitan Opera
Photo of Anne Radday
Anne Radday
Regional Program Officer
Fidelity Foundations
Photo of Bonyen Lee-Gilmore
Bonyen Lee-Gilmore
Vice President, Communications
National Institute for Reproductive Health
Photo of Brian Jones
Brian Jones
Director of Development
Wellness in the Schools
Photo of Liz Henderson
Liz Henderson
Director of Strategic Programs and Engagement
Settlement Housing Fund
Photo of Pascale Joseph
Pascale Joseph
Director of People
Public Rights Project
Photo of Anu Gupta
Anu Gupta
Power for Good
Photo of Acasia Wilson Feinberg
Acasia Wilson Feinberg
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Chicago CRED
Photo of Monique Canada
Monique Canada
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Photo of Ally Eisenberg
Ally Eisenberg
Director of Event Operations
Central Synagogue
Photo of Shawna Rodgers
Shawna Rodgers
Chief Development Officer
Breakthrough New York
Photo of Erika Nelsen Bishop
Erika Nelsen Bishop
Assistant Director, Leadership Gifts
Photo of Guadalupe Guerrero
Guadalupe Guerrero
Chief Executive Officer
Partnership for Los Angeles Schools
Photo of Jim Warycha
Jim Warycha
Deputy Director, Leadership Gifts
Photo of Susy Vaca
Susy Vaca
Chief People and Culture Officer
HR&A Advisors
Photo of Desmond Hunte
Desmond Hunte
Chief Financial Officer
HR&A Advisors
Photo of Sandra Kapell
Sandra Kapell
Chief Human Resources Officer
The Metropolitan Opera
Photo of Benjamin Chan
Benjamin Chan
Director of Impact & Innovation
Pew Charitable Trusts
Photo of Jessica Thorne
Jessica Thorne
VP, Government Partnerships
Photo of Samantha Barbee
Samantha Barbee
Chief Operating & Financial Officer
Photo of Mireille Mather
Mireille Mather
Vice President, Investor Relations
The END Fund
Photo of Andrew Ansel
Andrew Ansel
Head of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships
E Pluribus Unum
Photo of Jennifer Pae
Jennifer Pae
Executive Director
The Arca Foundation
Photo of LaNelle Alexander
LaNelle Alexander
Chief Equity Officer
Achievement First
Photo of Hanifa Barnes
Hanifa Barnes
Assistant Head of School for Strategy and Operations
Riverdale Country School
A Word From Our Clients
“The On-Ramps team was a killer partner in our search for two senior executives. They dove deep into TR's culture, drank the Kool-Aid, and went out looking for the right talent that reflected who we are at our core. From start to finish the process was methodical and meticulous, and we reached the finish line with two great hires. We'll work with On-Ramps on every senior hire moving forward.”
— Jake Wood, CEO, Team Rubicon
Photo of Randi Gregory
Randi Gregory
Vice President, Political and Legislative Affairs
National Institute of Reproductive Health
Photo of Melissa Browne
Melissa Browne
Chief Development Officer
The United Way of New York City
Photo of Kevin Ressler
Kevin Ressler
Chief Executive Officer
Alliance for Health
Photo of Alana Francis de Govia
Alana Francis de Govia
Chief Program Officer
Common Impact
Photo of Darren Averett
Darren Averett
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Jazz House Kids
Photo of Caitlin Finn
Caitlin Finn
Vice President of Finance and Legal
Gary Community Ventures
Photo of Mike Parent
Mike Parent
Senior Research Scientist (Principal Researcher)
Photo of Efrat Kussell
Efrat Kussell
Chief Academic Officer
Explore Schools
Photo of Dr. Brandi King
Dr. Brandi King
Chief Strategy Officer
All Our Kin
Photo of Zareta Ricks
Zareta Ricks
Executive Director
Young Audiences New York
Photo of Phil Smith
Phil Smith
Director of Marketing and Communications
Colorado Academy
Photo of Erica Doyle
Erica Doyle
Senior Director of Corporate Philanthropy and Partnerships
Year Up
Photo of Raine Martin
Raine Martin
Chief Advancement and External Relations Officer
Brooklyn Community Services
Photo of Jonathan McLean
Jonathan McLean
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Kim Bright
Kim Bright
Vice President, Finance and Operations
Photo of Mike Teoh
Mike Teoh
Program Officer, Education
The Raikes Foundation
Photo of Jill Hawley
Jill Hawley
Vice President of Philanthropy
Gary Community Ventures
Photo of Cristina Iskander
Cristina Iskander
Director, People Operations
Photo of Isha Lee
Isha Lee
Director of Recruitment
New Politics
Photo of Jade Elias
Jade Elias
Chief Program Officer
GO Project
Photo of Clarissa Garcia
Clarissa Garcia
Chief Communications and Engagement Officer
National Recreation and Park Association
Photo of Clifton Stuckey, III
Clifton Stuckey, III
Senior Director, Finance and Administration
Breakthrough New York
Photo of Muadi Mukenge
Muadi Mukenge
Senior Director, External Affairs
Photo of Terrill North
Terrill North
Partner, Portfolio Team
New Profit
Photo of Howard Slatkin
Howard Slatkin
Executive Director
Citizens Housing and Planning Council
Photo of Beshon Trusty
Beshon Trusty
Executive Director, DC
Higher Achievement
Photo of Sarah Barrie
Sarah Barrie
Grants Manager
Fidelity Foundations
Photo of Sybil Mimy-Wells
Sybil Mimy-Wells
Regional Executive Director
Photo of Andrea Perry
Andrea Perry
Senior Program Officer, Economic Opportunity
Fidelity Foundations
Photo of Cheryelle Cruickshank
Cheryelle Cruickshank
Executive Director
Photo of DeLisha Sylvester
DeLisha Sylvester
Senior Director of People & Culture
Photo of Emily O'Donnell
Emily O'Donnell
Program Officer, Economic Opportunity
Fidelity Foundations
Photo of Eric Helms
Eric Helms
Deputy Director of Development
Committee to Protect Journalists
Photo of Jocelyn Harmon
Jocelyn Harmon
Chief Development Officer
Public Rights Project
Photo of Ashley Quarcoo
Ashley Quarcoo
Executive Director, Elections
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Photo of Courtney Ball
Courtney Ball
Chief People, Culture, and Equity Officer
New York Legal Assistance Group
Photo of Lize Pierre
Lize Pierre
Chief of Staff to President
KIPP Foundation
Photo of Alicia Williams
Alicia Williams
Chief Operating Officer
Center for Family Representation
Photo of Amanda Wyatt
Amanda Wyatt
Chief Financial Officer
Lambda Legal
Photo of James Ferg-Cadima
James Ferg-Cadima
Deputy Legal Director, Legal Management and Operations
Lambda Legal
Photo of Rosa J. Gutierrez
Rosa J. Gutierrez
Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Reading Partners
Photo of Hilda Romero
Hilda Romero
Director of Finance and Operations
Committee to Protect Journalists
Photo of Maicharia Weir Lytle
Maicharia Weir Lytle
Program Officer, Youth and Families
Fidelity Foundations
A Word From Our Clients
“I've been impressed with On-Ramps in a way that I can't remember feeling with other service providers. Just how on-it they were, how rigorous in both the process and the recruiting. They had a voracious appetite for making our lives easier, jumping in to do even little bits of work we would have been willing to shoulder ourselves! The caliber of their thinking, prep for interviews, and questions they suggested. And our winner has been a fabulous addition to our team. I was really really impressed overall.”
— Charles Best, Founder, DonorsChoose
Photo of Paul Carrillo
Paul Carrillo
Community Violence Initiative Director
Giffords Law Center
Photo of Tony Moore
Tony Moore
President and Chief Executive Officer
Trinity Park Conservancy
Photo of Allison Morris
Allison Morris
Head of Fundraising
The END Fund
Photo of Esther Sanchez-Gomez
Esther Sanchez-Gomez
Litigation Attorney
Giffords Law Center
Photo of Michele Louhisdon
Michele Louhisdon
Director of Human Resources
Commitee to Protect Journalists
Photo of Enrique Virgil
Enrique Virgil
Director of Finance and Administration
Heron Foundation
Photo of Carol Karutu
Carol Karutu
Head of Programs
The END Fund
Photo of Karen Stewart
Karen Stewart
Museum of Modern Art
Photo of Sherman Carter
Sherman Carter
Chief Financial Officer
EL Education
Photo of Brittany Parisi Doshi
Brittany Parisi Doshi
Chief Development Officer
Breakthrough New York
A Word From Our Clients
“The committee was very impressed by the caliber and diversity of the CEO candidates we met. We were also grateful for the weekly update calls to understand the work and screening On-Ramps was doing. The search moved along steadily from start to finish, and we were delighted by the outcome.”
— Kanwar Singh, Board Chair, Public Allies
Photo of Adeola Whitney
Adeola Whitney
Chief Executive Officer
Reading Partners
Photo of Michael Maxwell
Michael Maxwell
Executive Director
Acelero Learning
Photo of Kristina Nieto
Kristina Nieto
Director, Finance and Accounting
Nathan Cummings Foundation
Photo of Cheryl Cramer Toto
Cheryl Cramer Toto
Chief Operating Officer
WES Foundation
Photo of Suzanne Button
Suzanne Button
Senior Clinical Director, High School Programming
The Jed Foundation
Photo of Santhosh Ramdoss
Santhosh Ramdoss
VP, Impact Investment
Gary Community Investment Company
Photo of Chyrise Harris
Chyrise Harris
VP, Communications
Gary Community Investment Company