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Michelle Kedem walks and talks with four On-Ramps coworkers.
Beyond Search: How grassroots organizing fuels my collaboration

by Michelle Kedem (she/her/hers)

I’ve always valued creating space for activities outside of work that complement how I spend my time at work. For me, that’s serving as co-founder of Red2Blue, a grassroots all-volunteer political activist organization. Red2Blue supports Democratic candidates in their state- and local-level campaigns by providing free websites, text campaigns, graphic design, and social media services. I remember how welcoming and open the other organizers were when we first met a few years ago. I offered to help work on special elections and they jumped right in. That collaborative, startup mentality is something I’ve carried over to On-Ramps for myriad projects, and it’s always helped my coworkers and I generate refreshing ideas.

Recently, my fellow R2B co-founders and I participated in an episode of The Great Battlefield, a podcast about the progressive resistance. You can listen to my conversation with Isabel Byron and Ava Eisenson here, and learn more by going to Red2Blue.org.