On Our Minds

Working with so many organizations across multiple issue areas gives us a unique view into what’s happening in the social sector. This is where we share our insights and ruminations.
Want Us to Help You Help Others?
With a firm commitment to impact, we believe that it’s our responsibility to drive positive change, not only through our work, but also through engagement in regular volunteer service opportunities. Over the years, we’ve developed a vibrant internal group – we call it our Service Council. Its purpose is to identify and design ways for us to contribute to great organizations and communities. It’s also a chance for us to connect more directly to our clients and to play a frontline role in combatting social injustice. To date, we’ve been honored to partner with a range of organizations. For instance, we’ve worked with Grace Institute, East Harlem Tutorial Program, and Edible Schoolyard NYC, running workshops, tutoring and taking care of school-based gardens. As we look ahead, our Service Council is planning to both broaden and deepen our impact; this is where we need some help. We’re looking for meaningful opportunities to support change and drive positive impact. Specifically, we’re looking for ways to serve that build on our work as recruiters and human capital specialists. This is a call to organizations and programs that are seeking volunteers. If you’re at an organization that provides career counseling, interview skills training, resume review, or any other human capital offering to people who are seeking work, or are supporting career planning, and you’re looking for volunteers who know human capital, we’d like to hear from you. Please reach out to us by submitting your interest here or by email at servicecouncil@on-ramps.com. When you reach out, please share the following information:
  • Mission of non-profit – Tell us about your organization, the work you do, and how you support your community.
  • Type of volunteer activities (e.g., mentoring students, interview skills training, etc.) – Describe how we might be helpful to your organization and the types of volunteer activities you normally host.
  • Number of volunteers needed – Let us know how many volunteers you’d like to host; whether it’s one, ten, or more, it’s helpful to know the amount of support you’re seeking. We’ll be prioritizing our local community for in-person volunteer requests.
  • Length of event – Share the length of time you ask volunteers to contribute, whether it’s a couple of hours once a year, a full day, or a longer-term commitment (i.e., weekly or monthly attendance).
  • Timing of the event – Tell us when your event is scheduled, or if you’d like to partner with us to identify a time that works for both of us.
  • Point of contact – Give us the contact information for the person we’d work with to organize our participation.
  We’ll be grateful to everyone that reaches out. We’re excited to review all submissions and will commit to responding to you within two weeks. For fixed-date events, we ask for at least a month lead time so we can effectively plan for our participation. In the year ahead, we’ll look forward to sharing our experiences and to being more deeply embedded in our community, as we play our small part in creating a more inclusive and equitable world. - by Amy Scogin