Michelle Hayes

Photo of Michelle Hayes
Michelle joined On-Ramps in 2022 as a Search Coordinator. She currently provides project support across multiple searches.

As a first generation student, she previously obtained her B.A. at Rutgers University. It was here she developed her passion for social justice and activism, especially as it pertains to systemic racism and its ties to income inequality and access. Michelle later joined Teach For America, where she taught Middle School English and Social studies within NYC charter schools. 

With her eye for data, organization, and teaching experience, she was given an opportunity by the founder of her previous network, to act as a Seasonal Recruiting Coordinator for the summer, hiring MS tutors for a fall program. She later acted as the Director of Recruitment for the network.

After residing in Brooklyn for a few years, Michelle recently moved back to her hometown of Jersey City, NJ, driven by a commitment to mission-driven work and a love for her city. She loves trying new restaurants, swimming and traveling.