Virnalisa Soares

Photo of Virnalisa Soares
Virnalisa began her work at On-Ramps in April 2022 as an Administrator Coordinator for the Partners. She also builds relationships with potential clients and provides support with our existing clients. 

Before joining On-Ramps, Virnalisa Soares was a Rebate Supervisor for a Pharmaceutical insurance company for Medicaid members in 26 states. She managed a team of 40 and worked closely with 1 other supervisor to make sure manufactures were invoiced correctly. Living in New York she worked for a non-profit organization Independence Care System where she developed and managed their Transportation department and their Provider Relations department.

 Virnalisa born and raised in Bronx, NY, loves to travel, play softball and golf. She graduated from LaGuardia Community College and attended Baruch College. She also volunteers at FeedMore Food bank in Richmond, Va. She also runs her own Wellness Business, Healthy Coach, where she makes special body butter blends for her clients and helps people transition to a healthier lifestyle.